What exactly is Ceremonial Cacao and how does it help me to heal and evolve?


Cacao was used by our Mayan ancestors as a medicine that helped us to expand our heart chakra. The legend says that once they had a guest in their house they offered CACAO, so people may speak from their HEART.

I heard about the magic of CEREMONIAL CACAO and its healing properties so many times, out of curiosity I started to drink it but honestly It was not trying to connect or receive, so I didn’t felt “In Love” with CACAO (YET), but now that I discovered its real magic I’m gonna share a personal story with you…

I was going through one of the toughest phases of my life, I just lost a baby I was waiting for more than a year. When I was finally pregnant I ended up losing my child.

For me, even though my girls, my husband and my dog were here with me, being away from my country, without my family members, especially my mom, going through something like that was TOUGH.

From a few years to now, as a Holistic Health Coach I have discovered so many healing tools, I have discovered the magic of pranayamas, crystals, oracles, Shamanik Reiki and of course the power of a magical soup, but then, I remembered that one spiritual teacher brought Cacao to me once as a healing tool. (in life nothing is a coincidence)

So,” innocently” I decided to start drinking CEREMONIAL CACAO accompanied  by the guide that initiated me as a CACAO PRIESTESS, I believing that CACAO would make me feel Happy again (What a big mistake)

Cacao is more than “Changing your state of mind or feelings”  Cacao shows you what needs to be brought in order for you to heal. In my case I cried like a baby, tears are water and water is here to clean, if we don’t ‘move our water’ as a result we get “Stagnant water” which is not good for our health

Just reflect on this, when we get hurt and we get a “Booboo” we just don’t apply a bandaid like that, we need to clean, disinfect and wait for the body to do its natural job  (healing).

Cacao takes us to the process of healing by showing us exactly what needs to be released or expanded at that time. It needs to be drinked with INTENTION and OPENNESS to get the best of it, the preparation needs to be done with Love and intention as well.

Life always has its challenges, when we learn to REMEMBER how to open our heart, those challenges start to be seen as just a lesson, temporary situations that when lived with wisdom are perceived softer and we are willing to move on without suffering.

For me, CACAO showed me my exact wounds that needed to be taken care of at that time and connected me to the priestess that resides within me and guided me exactly where I needed to be, now I am more in FLOW with life. That is why I decided to honor and share this sacred medicine with the world, you have the power to HEAL too.

Are you curious about going to a CEREMONIAL CACAO?

You are more than welcome to join us if this resonates with you, listen to your heart.

I host in person ceremonies in Fernie, BC Canada.

Soon virtual ceremonies and virtual women circle

For next events info or to join to our mailing list pls contact us [email protected]


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