Detox Program

In order to receive, we have to leave behind what no longer serves us, that is why I invite you to start the year releasing what our body has not released on its own.

We live in an environment where there are factors such as ultra-processed food, environmental toxins and limiting beliefs that do not allow us to move forward. All of this leads us to stagnation in every way, if we get stuck the body gets out of balance and may get sick, we are nature, we are supposed to live in FLOW!

The Holistic Detox program will be a “challenge” that I would rather call it a “support network” that we will carry out for 15 days. As holistic beings (body, mind and spirit) our perfect body, when it is in Homeostasis or balance, has the ability to detoxify itself through organs such as the liver and kidneys for example, in an ideal world they would not “need” a detox, with an ideal world I mean consuming only food provided by earth (everything that grows) we ideally should be connected to nature, but in these times we live in a hurry, which makes it very difficult or almost impossible to have the ideal diet.  Also, stress levels are through the roof, with high stress levels and the body producing so much cortisol (the stress hormone) it is very likely that the body will get sick.

We are looking for a healthy, strong and vital Holistic body. As a result, we will  offer our best version for our family and the planet.

$120 USD